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Chihiros Spiral type glass surface skimmer – 17 mm (16/22 mm)

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Thanks to the spiral type floater, the skimmer work even more effectively.

  • Acrylic self-floating inlet
  • Removes surface films and microorganisms from the water surface
  • Promotes proper gas exchange
  • For both long term and temporary usage
  • Quick installation – easy to fix

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Removes contamination on the water surface such as oil film effectively.

Having oil film on the water surface spoils the allurement of an aquascape.

Suction cups included


  • L1: 4 cm
  • L2: 11,5 cm
  • L3: 23 cm
  • L4: 28,8 cm

Aquarium filter guide

Each filter has three roles in a planted aquarium. In order of importance:

It is the most important! Toxic and algae-causing ammonia in the aquarium must be decomposed. As fast as possible. Billions of bacteria growing in the filter convert ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate.

Nutrients (plant food and CO2) must reach the plants. Solid decomposition products should be kept afloat. Good performance is essential.

Solid decomposition products must be physically removed from the aquarium and decomposed in a filter or removed during cleaning.

For a filter to fully perform all three roles, it must meet several criteria. Ideally suitable to have a bucket of the right size to store the right amount of filter media. The filter material contained in it must be of adequate quality and variety. The pump in the filter must have sufficient capacity. The filter should be easy to clean so that the cumbersome process does not deter the aquarist from regular maintenance. Plus, the filter needs to be reliable; no one wants to flood a living room or office due to a cracked tap or joint.

Weight (kg) 0.400000
Manufacturer Chihiros
Material Glass
Hose Size 12/16 (13 mm)



Niks Aquatic Store is official Sales store for Chihiros India. Chihiros aquatic studio is a technology company specializing in the production of aquarium products. Founded in 2014, the company has a unique understanding of natural aquarium products. The company's goal is to enable everyone to experience nature better. The charm of the aquarium, providing professional aquarium products, showing the natural aquascape perfectly , leading more people into the wonderful world of nature. The company produces and sells aquarium products.
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