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Chihiros WRGB II PRO 80 CM | 100W

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Chihiros WRGB-II Pro Series LED is designed for high demand planted aquariums.
Power Consumption : 100 W
Color Channels  : WRGB
No of LED : 80 pieces
Luminous Flux : 8170 Lumen
Tank Size : 80 to 100 CM
Max Glass Thickness : 10 MM


Casing Colour : Black

Comes with : Stainless Steel Stand and Adapter

LED Light 1-year Warranty

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Chihiros WRGB-II Pro Series LED is designed for high demand planted aquariums. With the built-in controller, now you can simulate the sunrise and sunset effect, customized spectrum intensity at each time point, hence do not require timer installation anymore!

WRGB-II Pro Series LED changes in the mobile application compared to the WRGB II lamp. The older lamp only had three color channels to adjust the color temperature (RGB) and the ratio of different colors. The new WRGB II Pro has an extra white (W) channel for fine adjustment and more control over the appearance.

On average, it is 40% more intense than the WRGB II lamp. Many have even wondered what makes sense for such a powerful lamp when few already use the WRGB II lamp at 100% brightness. They’re right, too, as WRGB II is a perfect fit for most conventional-sized aquariums. However, there are non-traditional sizes, such as aquariums deeper than 50 cm, where more intense lighting does have a reason. At the same time, some “hardcore” aquascapers need even more brightness for better growth more reds in their layout. This LED lamp satisfies the needs of all aquarium owners with delicate tastes. Refer product specification to compare Luminius Flux of WRGB II VS WRGB-II Pro Series. [ In product photo]

This light is suitable for high to medium-demand plants.

Product Specification:

Casing Colour : Black
LED Colour : White, Red, Green, and Blue
come with : Stainless Steel Stand and Adapter
For more detailed specifications, kindly refer to the photo.


Warranty Details:
1) LED Light warranty cover up to 1 year against manufacturing defects..
2) Warranty void for water damage on any device.



Niks Aquatic Store is official Sales store for Chihiros India. Chihiros aquatic studio is a technology company specializing in the production of aquarium products. Founded in 2014, the company has a unique understanding of natural aquarium products. The company's goal is to enable everyone to experience nature better. The charm of the aquarium, providing professional aquarium products, showing the natural aquascape perfectly , leading more people into the wonderful world of nature. The company produces and sells aquarium products.
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