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DoPhin CF-300 | Mini Canister Filter


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Product Description:

Canister filters are aquarium filters that remove the water from the fish tank through an intake tube, sieve, or valve, run it through filter media in a pressurized canister, and then pump the filtered aquarium water back into the fish tank via spill way or spray bar.


  Model   CF300
  Flow Rate   410 Litres / hour
  Suitable Tank Size   < 50cm Length Aquarium Tank
  Inlet /Outlet Size   12mm ID / 16mm OD
  Filter Dimension   18cm L x 10cm W x 21.5cm Ht
  Power supply   220-240V / 50Hz / 6.7W
  UV   Not available
  Item included –          Pump x 1 no

–          Filter basket x 1 pc

–          Coarse Sponge x 1 pc

–          Fine Sponge x 3 pcs

–          Bio media x 1 Lot

–          Filter Housing with lock x 1 no

–          12mm ID / 16mm OD Grey transparent PVC Tubing 0.6meter x 2 Length

–          Suction Cups x 5 pcs

–          Rain Bar x 1 pc

–          Inlet Pipe x 1 pc

–          Outlet Pipe x 1 pc

–          Strainer x 1 pc

–          Directional Spout x 1 pc

–          Connectors


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