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Exotica Discusfood Grand Champion Fish Food – 80 Gms


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Expiry Date- May 2025

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Exotica Discusfood Grand Champion Fish Food

Complete food for discus information: the sole food for all discus fish. Prevents deficiency syndromes and thus supports the continuous health of your fish. Contains antiparasitic, astaxanthin, beta-glucane. Protien 54% oil 16% fibre 1. 7% ash 10. 8% the food is made germany. additives per kg vit a 339. 620i. e, vit. D3 3, 000i. e, vit e 506 mg. Vit c 795 mg, vit. K3. 6 mg. Vit b1 31. 8 mg, vit. B2 79. 5 mg, vit b6 31. 8 mg, vit b12 159 mcg, folsaure 7. 95 mg, ca-d-panthothenat 159 mg. Biotin 79. 5 mcg, nicotinsaure 477mg, cholinchlorid 795 mg, bht, bha, propylgallat.

Size : 80 Gm



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