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NEW Chihiros Doctor Bluetooth


  • The New Chihiros Doctor has integrated 3 applications covering usage of Aquatic Plants, Fish and Shrimp Keeping into only a Single Doctor device, Integrating all operating mode for different aquarium water volume into a single device.

  • Inhibit green algae and promotes plant growth

  • Strong Sterilization capabilities kills pathogens and coexists with beneficial bacteria

  • ALC program is intelligent management algorithm

  • Bluetooth connection, mobile app operation



Niks Aquatic Store is official Sales store for Chihiros India. Chihiros aquatic studio is a technology company specializing in the production of aquarium products. Founded in 2014, the company has a unique understanding of natural aquarium products. The company's goal is to enable everyone to experience nature better. The charm of the aquarium, providing professional aquarium products, showing the natural aquascape perfectly , leading more people into the wonderful world of nature. The company produces and sells aquarium products.
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