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Volcanic Black Lava Rocks/ Kg


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Black Lava Rock is the most aristocratic rock of all!

Volcanic Black Lava Rock adds the elegance of natural art in your aquarium, it is an aquascapers favorite as it a complete color of all the colours of nature.

*Wash it under running water and place it in your aquarium.

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Volcanic Black Lava Rock is a rock formed from the lava erupted from a volcano. It is an igneous rock but differs from other igneous rocks because of its volcanic origin.

It is made up of large, porous nuggets of volcanic rock and is relatively lightweight.

It comes in shades of dark gray, burgundy, and of course, black.

When used in aquariums it can be paired with Epiphytes, Anubis, and mosses.

It is ideal for the colonization of beneficial bacteria resulting in a healthier aquarium environment.

A favorite among aquascapers.

Why is it an ideal pick by aquascapers ?

Black Lava Rock is considered an important aquascaping stone.  A classical Iwagumi can be made from Black Lava since the very dark colors make for a good contrast to the grey color of the more commonly used kinds of stone.

Pre-preps for Volcanic Black Lava Rocks

Wash under running water.

*Recommended tip: Soak it in a bucket of water for a day!


1 Kg


48.26 × 60.96 × 25.4 cm






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