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Ocean Nutrition Algae Wafers 75 gm

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Ocean Nutrition Algae Wafers 75 gm

Product Features

  • Sinking wafers for herbivorous bottom feeders, containing high levels of vegetable matter including spirulina algae.
  • Nutritious daily food scientifically formulated to provide protein and other nutrients for healthy development.
  • Ideal shape and size for suckermouth catfish (Ancistrus, otocinclus, plecostomus, etc.) which allow for easy feeding.
  • Highly stable wafers. They do not cloud the water.
  • Made from the finest ingredients, low in phosphorus and ash.

A highly palatable, easily digestible sinking food for herbivorous fish such as Ancistrus, Otocinclus or plecostomus. The shape and size allow easy feeding for these suckermouth catfish.

Recommended For: Plecos, Catfishes, Algae Eaters, and Loaches. May also be used to feed marine herbivores like Tangs.




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