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Qanvee CO2 inline atomizer M2

  • Suitable for 16/22MM Pipes
  • Simple, attractive design
  • Sturdy metal body
  • Ultra-fine bubbles for efficiency
  •  Noiseless

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The Qanvee CO2 Atomizer is an inline aquarium CO2 diffuser that is designed to be installed outside of the planted tank rather than being placed inside the aquarium. It will keep your aquarium much cleaner and free of additional equipment visible inside the planted tank. Simply attach the Qanvee CO2 atomizer to the outflow tubing of a canister filter. This CO2 atomizer will provide extremely fine dissolution of CO2 in the aquarium’s water column, making it readily available to be absorbed by aquatic plants. Small and sleek, the Qanvee CO2 atomizer comes completely apart easily for routine maintenance and cleaning. Replacement ceramic tubes are available as well to ensure this piece of essential planted aquarium equipment can be used for years to come.


  • M2  Fits: 16/22 MM filter tubing


  • The Quanvee CO2 Atomizer requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.
  • This CO2 diffuser should be utilized with pressure proof tubing only. Do Not use it on weaker tubing as it will have the potential to burst.
  • Avoid touching the ceramic and handle the diffuser gently when installing.

M1-12/16 MM Tubing, M2-16/22 Tubing




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