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The SunSun JP-094 Internal Corner Filter with an integrated aquarium pump combines the aquarium filter with the aquarium pump.

The aquarium filter is ideal for the use in nano aquariums or in aquariums with a volume of water up to 80 liters.
Due to the practical design of the aquarium filter, it can be placed space-efficiently in any aquarium.

The suction openings are deliberately kept small to prevent small animals, shrimps, crabs and the like from penetrating into the aquarium filter.
The filter outlet can be rotated by 90°.

The aquarium water is filtered by a filter sponge that offers a large settlement area for beneficial bacteria.

Filter sponges
Filter sponges prevent the penetration of floating particles into the pump body of the aquarium pump.
By inserting filter sponges the content of nitrate in the aquarium is reduced while the aquarium water is cleaned of chemical impurities.

When purchasing an aquarium filter for the first time or after a complete purification, once again the beneficial bacteria have to be enriched.
There are special bacteria cultures that can be added to the aquarium filter, thus facilitating the re-start.

The integrated aquarium pump whose flow through is steplessly adjustable by a slider has a capacity of 650 liters per hour with a power consumption of just 7 watts.




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